Working Remotely From Starbucks.

I've taken to blogging quite recently. This came about a little before 'Corona' made a statement in last couple of weeks and stunned the world into submission. Nature always proves a more powerful killer than man. But man will find antidote. And then our lives will return to normalcy. For now, I am #self-distancing, and blogging remotely from home! Because, sometimes life proves stranger than fiction. Not quite always as you've expected.


What Does Being In A Relationship Mean To You?

You can have happy, fulfilled relationship too. But it takes a little effort, some emotional work and self-reflection.

Things CAN improve when you understand what is wrong? It could be that you are doing your best! Maybe you feel that it’s all your fault? Have all your attempts to fix your relationship failed? Maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds! Often, it is easier to just say ‘Yes’, but you are left filled with self-doubt.


Then I Revived My Hobby Of Painting.

I pursued my hobby of painting to make it into my passion. And to find peace. Painting for me is expressing my heart’s desire and this hobby has taught me the art of keeping myself HAPPY. Every painting is a challenge at the start and on completion it gives me immense sense of happiness and a deep sense of achievement. To transfer the hues and shades of nature on canvas truly soothes my tired nerves and provides the much needed calmness, cutting off all negative-ness in my mind – it’s truly a form of meditation.


What’s Going To Be Your “New Normal” Post-Covid-19?

Have you ever wished for a break from life? Not like, “stop the world, I want to get off.” But more like, “I need a break to feel myself again.” A burnout or a negative situation allowing your thoughts wander to “winning a lottery will make me feel better”… and more pipe dreams. This dragging feeling that you are in a hamster wheel. Your wish for a “the break” came through a month ago. Totally unplanned and unprepared. And, corona-tainted. Not exactly like you had imagined it.

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