A beautiful landscape from my trip to Cancun - the American Egypt.

As we were walking down the Chattahoochee drive taking in beautiful colors of fall, my sister and I felt inspired to go on a weeklong vacation for the holiday season. We were really in a mood for a travel to a lovely destination. On a beach, we agreed. Yes… so, what could be better than Cancun we thought, after all it has the finest beaches in the world and it’s America’s Egypt they say.


Find Yourself Enchanted By The Archeological And Natural Wonders At Panna.

Hi. I'm Paresh Deshmukh. The co-founder and instructor of the Footloose Journey. We are a novel travel venture and promote Responsible & Sustainable Ecotourism. I believe that travelling or going to new places is not a worthwhile experience unless and until the local communities are understood, even lived. And we strive to reflect this in our expeditions. With this credence, we aim at adding social values to tourism and make your travel a cultural exploration! This time we have planned a 3N/4D Summer Wildlife Camp in Panna – The Emerald Forest.

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