About Me

I am Smita Chaudhari

“the usual?” …. yes please.

Hi Guys! Let me be-GIN. I was born in the city of dreams - Mumbai and grew up in Pune - where you are often told to leave your attitude behind, as we have our own. You can say it is here that I first shook hands with SARDONIC-ism. I began my career as a corporate communication professional. My editorial responsibilities included talking to men and asking them to write or share their stories for the magazine, and more often than not end up writing them all-by-myself. I was also the editor of the quarterly in my Rotaract years. During this time, I started a Design Shop SVS Ent., ran it profitably and later elevated it to an online design portal under a new brand tuDESIGNstore. Over the years I reckon that while Failure is not a calamity, Success is never final.

As the bard said, “All the world's a stage and we are only actors playing our roles.” How does it matter if we play the role of a king one day, and the doorkeeper the next. The idea is to play our roles as best as we can and enjoy the process.

So, for some time now, I knew I wanted to create something new, but I wasn’t entirely sure of what that “something” was. Without hesitation, I chose to start my very own Lifestyle Blog by calling it Gin n Sardonic – featuring creativity and sardonic humor, which come easy to me.

Now you’ll ask, why a lifestyle blog? Because first of all, everyone has a lifestyle. And look, I believe in two Bests. One is our Best given our limitations; and then there is the optimal Best, that which relates to perfection itself. And, our whole life is a progress from our Best to the optimal Best. Secondly, following domestic lifestyle interests and activities, and knowing the way one lives is appealing to a lot more people especially to the stay at home women - without being millionaires travelling around the world.

Gin n Sardonic is that spur to inspire you to choose your Best culture and lifestyle in every moment. Our contributors and writers of the blog - they all tell their stories.

You tell us your inspiring story for the readers of Gin n Sardonic.

It could be about working remotely from timbaktu.. what you have to say about architecture.. capturing what you hold dear.. or telling us more about this hipster place you have stayed in. You could share your own easy recipe for breakfast, or let us on the best food in a small town you visited.. who said meeting new foodies was hard? Have you gone fishing any time? Share your experience then. Tell the readers how you did it. Your sunset point narrative.. Anything. Beauty. Fashion. Wellness. Thoughts. Shop. DIY.

Share the lifestyle of your life. Gin n Sardonic could open so many doors and present many opportunities that that are there through this blog. If it is a hobby turned profession, then tell the readers and make money.

Please email me anytime, at or find me on Facebook. If you’re interested in partnerships or advertising, please email smita@ginnsardonic.com. Thank you so much for reading.

Gin n Sardonic is my new favourite way to relate to the world. I am inviting you to make it yours too. Let the lifehack be-GIN !

Ms Smita Chaudhari

My Simple Skill Below


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Article Writing

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