Quick Cooking Recipes For Bachelors.

Let's try something quick and delicious. As always, I stick to simple recipe especially whenever I am doing experimental cooking. This one's called Avocado Spread.

My Recipe for Avocado Spread.

The ingredients you'll be requiring for this recipe.

1 Avocado medium, ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp chat masala, ¼ tsp black pepper crushed, 2/3 drops of lime juice, two slices of white / brown bread / french bread. I have used white break here.

Optional: Butter for bread, 3/4 slices of tomato, 5/6 slices of cucumber.

Procedure 1

Cut avocado into two halves, remove the pit, then scoop out the mesocarp (flesh) from the split avocado. Add salt, pepper, 2 - 3 drops of lime juice and chat masala. Use a fork to coarsely mash it. Spread it on a slice of bread and enjoy.

Procedure 2

Heat a skillet or griddle. Butter both sides of bread evenly. Do not apply too much butter. Then toast each side of the bread on a skillet/griddle till golden brown or the color you prefer it to be toasted to. Apply the avocado spread on one side of both the slices of bread. You can butter the bread if you like. Place a layer of tomato and cucumber on it. Place the second slice of bread which has the spread facing down. Enjoy it plain or with a ketchup or relish.

Your quick snack is ready!

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