Then I Revived My Hobby Of Painting.

Our endeavour in our daily lives, sadly speaking – is to race against time from dawn to dusk. To rise reluctantly from bed to rush through the morning chores in a frenzied mode of an emergency kind of situation, juggling and multitasking. The gruelling journey through pollution, chaos and the madness on the roads, constant commotion throughout the days and the never ending work…. It all seems endless.

A quick coffee break is a welcome relief. Thank God for small mercies. But the thoughts are still on… family and health problems, social obligations…. They all weigh you down so heavily as you crash on the bed totally exhausted riddled with it. So, how do you fight the stress, anxiety, depression and frustration. The heart craves for some peace and quiet, some magic to soothe and pamper your troubled nerves.


I discovered my MAGIC by reviving my hobby.

I pursued my hobby of painting to make it into my passion. And to find peace. Painting for me is expressing my heart’s desire and this hobby has taught me the art of keeping myself HAPPY. Every painting is a challenge at the start and on completion it gives me immense sense of happiness and a deep sense of achievement. To transfer the hues and shades of nature on canvas truly soothes my tired nerves and provides the much needed calmness, cutting off all negative-ness in my mind – it’s truly a form of meditation.

Hobbies are magical you know and are formed and cultivated in the best part of our lives – childhood; but unfortunately remained stowed away as we struggle with our daily lives.

Flame In The Forest 3-piece. Oil on canvas. Centre piece 24×36 inches. Two sides 24×12 inches. Price Rs16500 / USD239.




About Me

I always aspired to do something in the field of art but landed up graduating in micro biology. Life post-marriage was full-time job in LIC had its own demands until a couple of years ago when I decided to pursue art. Have had two very successful exhibitions cum sale of my paintings. Between office and home and in my spare time have managed to complete over 90 paintings. My inspiration come completely from my grandfather and my mom both have been renowned artists. Watching them in my childhood instilled this love for painting.

I work both on acrylic and oils. But I prefer oil paintings. For one, the pigment in them allows richer, more vivid colors and the other being that they last through years. I have shared some of my work here.

If you like my work, please give it some response! I will be posting my work here regularly. To get a painting made for yourself or someone you love, all you have to do is share at least 2-3 clear photographs of the subject and i'll send you the painting. You can either call me or whatsapp me on +9860791228 or email me on

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