Wear Another Hat Today – Be A Barber.

It’s been like three weeks of lockdown. And, I can feel the initial euphoria of #togetherathome chilling out, trying out new tasty recipes, video conferencing with friends, playing video games, candy crush with unlimited lives etc etc… waning already. No, in fact it’s come down to #staysafeathome with rationed supplies, feeling trapped for another forthnight.

Desperate times, desperate measures! Corona times, DIY measures!!

Early this week I donned a new hat. My sibling was in a dire need for a haircut, and there was no chance of him making a trip to the barber’s shop. So, I became a barber and cut his hair. It was challenging, it being the first time, but with the right tools it wasn’t all that tough. I was soon followed by my sister who took haircut to a new level by giving her teenage son a classy mushroom cut and her hubby a decent dignified hair trim.


You are only as good as your last haircut. - Fran Lebowitz

So, the reason why I am sharing this with you is, if you are a male and thinking of cutting your own hair, then you’re not alone. Try it. It’s a skill worth developing. Even after lockdown when life is restored to normalcy, you can save your money on expensive haircuts when all you need is a little trimming. Cutting you hair at home is convenient. Going to the barber means you have to drive across town, wait in line for a touch-up, and then drive back to shower and clean up the hair left on our neck and shirt.

Your Tools

Your haircutting tools: a pair of Scissors cut the hair on top of your head and fix small areas and Clippers (cheap or premium doesn’t matter) for trimming. You need mirror in your bathroom / dressing table and a hand-held mirror too. An apron or a cape (made out of newspaper) to cover yourself and prevent hair clippings falling directly on you. Also, make sure you have good lighting and enough space to manoeuvre.

Things To Do Before You Cut Your Hair

Before you start cutting your hair, make sure you wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. That makes your hair clean and easy to cut and work with. Make sure you dry your hair properly with a towel. Damp hair can straighten out and seem longer than it is. This can cause you to end up cutting off more than you plan to.

It’s going to be a lot easier when you see it on the video yourself. I’m sharing it with you. One more thing, when you are watching this video and you are at the use-of-clippers part, you’ll need to determine where the fading will begin. A high fade is edgy, while a low fade is more classic. Entirely up to you what you choose to go with.


It's going to be a GOOD HAIR Day.

Guys, once you become DIY enthusiasts, you may not be able to achieve the proficiency level of an experienced barber, but you can certainly reach a good enough skill level to give yourselves a great haircut. Do send me a photograph post-haircut if you are happy with your new look and if my blogpost helped you. I’m curious how it worked for you.

Meanwhile, I will be #self-distancing and #togetherathome during #lockdown and joining you in the wait to lead our altered lives post-corona. There’s going to be more coming from Gin n Sardonic. Please get in touch with me if you are interested to share your story on my blog. You can either all me or whatsapp me on +919822307712 or email me on

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