Working Remotely From Starbucks.

I've taken to blogging quite recently. This came about a little before 'Corona' made a statement in last couple of weeks and stunned the world into submission. Nature always proves a more powerful killer than man. But man will find antidote. And then our lives will return to normalcy. For now, I am #self-distancing, and blogging remotely from home! Because, sometimes life proves stranger than fiction. Not quite always as you've expected.

How the idea of writing a blog came to me, I wonder. Over a cuppa coffee while waiting for a “Forever Undecided” client at Starbucks.

John Irwing says, "Half my life is an act of revision."

Well, mine too. As a designer, I know the feeling well. It can really stress you out. I knew it then, that like Carrie Bradshaw, I too had to weave my own life into a blog. Kidding. But I had to at the least share my boisterously merry encounters with everybody like the world was waiting for me to tell. Surprise and delight.

If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that. – Stephen King

Even after years of being a compulsive reader, I can now hardly ever pull out a book to read or ‘kindle’ it. My attention span has shrunk. Is it the increased volume of online content, or the constant urge for newness and my preference for brevity of news update, I do not know. Again, #lockdown #self-distancing times, I engage in a lot in the useless activity called ‘Netflix’. And yet, those catchy one liners and clever dialogues, those comedies and sci-fi stories from some of the popular TV shows are my creative fuel for newer blog posts. But good Lord, how I miss working from Starbucks.

Every time I step into Starbucks, taking in the world around me, my mind readily prepares itself for inspiration as it arrives. I admire this brand. Not so much for the love of sipping caffeinated beverage (their specialty drinks are real cool however), but for the sheer experience that it offers like no other café does. Though it is unreasonably expensive, the appealing décor, free wi-fi, the warm cheerful welcome, using of first names when you are placing orders, no pressure on you to buy anything if you don’t want to, they really make you feel comfortable – this culture matters most when you are working remotely. Time just slips away before you even know it. I’ll say, it conditions my blogger mindset and drags great ideas out of me. And, trust me there are a lot others who think the same – the Starbucks lovers.

Usually, I am sitting there with my laptop in front of me, my mind consciously studying the environment and the people. Brain becomes more receptive to outside stimuli as it finds countless fragments of overheard conversation, and some hearty and humanizing moments.

Singleton freelancers and coders sitting by the wall intermittently playing online games as they work. Start-up teams brainstorming with rigor as they devise their best strategies to succeed. Couples watching movies. Some others desperately trying to focus on task at hand in between smooches. And then there is always this one odd character fiddling with his phone, with coffee sitting right in front of him. The bubbly lot is often a group of youngsters taking center table sharing study materials and discussing their options for studying abroad, countries, universities... the sheer excitement in their voices as they ready themselves for a new education experience and a resolve to take on challenges that would open doors to new cultures and unfamiliar traditions… eventually transforming their lives beyond their imagination. It’s entertaining to hear them correct each other’s pronunciations as they are soon going to be in a ‘phorein’ country. And then, of course, you have these counsellors – what can I say about them. Aren’t they all supposed to listen to their clients, support them and encourage them to share their problems? Well one went on to share is own elite harward experience. What a waste of time and coffee. Pretty sure this was the first and last session especially after he announced his counselling fees. Where could they have met I wondered? Definitely online!! On a serious note, would it help to seek counselling from an expert sharing similar social and cultural background? A passing thought. Readers are the happiest of all, as this is a great place to read in peace. These are my true moments that inspire me and justify the narratives for posts on my lifestyle blog Gin n Sardonic.

For the moment, like all of you, I will be #self-distancing #lockdown #lightcandles and joining you in the wait to lead our altered lives post-corona.

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