PUBLIQ. Exciting Pub Grub With Unusual Depth And Texture !

What comes first to your mind when you think of PUBLIQ? Public. Pub. Liquor. That’s right.

Pune's Favourite Pub

When you walk into PUBLIQ you feel extra special. You are greeted by ambience that reflects the brand. The softer tones of lighting lend a fun vibe for a relaxing night. The play of bollywood music as you walk in through the door, sets the right mood to start a great evening with limitless choices offered by the live performer of the day.


To me, the absolute dream dessert is the crispy moong daal cigars dipped in Rabdi. Definitely, a must try.

There's a lot of stuff to drink out here - cocktails, fruity ciders, tasty spirits, wines, non-alcoholic treats and more. You learn the chemical makeup of each one as you go trying the classics and signature cocktails, the choice is immeasurable, especially if you're looking to flex your newly formed drinking muscles. And if you are not sure, your bartender is, you can order with confidence and drink happily. The food menu offers well-loved traditional dishes like kadhaai panner and chicken sagoti in the forefront and a few slightly more adventurous dishes like dakshini malai pot and railway mutton. Some of the favourites on menu all year round are spice chicken, prawn tikkas, spinach ravioli, butter chicken nanza. Now, you may be pickier than ever when it comes to trying out the desserts. In the desserts, pannacota or snickers brownie, gulkund phirni, introduce a whole new flavour to your taste buds. To me, the absolute dream dessert is the crispy moong daal cigars dipped in Rabdi. A must try.

Exclusive Offers Worth Going For

Publiq offers great exciting pub grub and casual dining experience. You can take advantage of this unique exclusive offer.

Monday: IMFLs @99/-

Tuesday & Thursday: 2+1 on IMFLs

Wednesday: Ladies nights (Free shots)

Friday: Sorted Friday

Saturday: Snazzy Saturday

Sunday: Free shots for ladies and 2+1 on IMFLs

About Me

I’m an investor. Satish Chandewar. I reckon food industry is a large market and is a great idea that offers a competitive advantage to generate cash flow. Having researched a number of exciting, fast-growing managed pubs and bars on my radar of investing where I expected a quick consolidation, this one promised to be a profitable one. PUBLIQ delivers original pub grub with unusual depth and texture in a bustling, contemporary setting. Together with our expert sommeliers and local producers, we craft uniquely unforgettable pub experience.”

Please get in touch with me if you are interested to know more. You can either call me or whatsapp me on +91 9923900888 or email me on

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