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If you have a dog, chances are that he is the most beloved member of your family. You care so much for him, love going for walks, playing and talking to him that he has crawled into your heart and home. He usually goes wherever you go, but sometimes you just can’t take him on your planned trip or vacation and you are concerned if he’ll be safe wherever you leave him. Afterall, he deserves all the love in the world.

Dogs are like that, I guess. They know how to fix you, without ever saying a word. – Caroline George.


The Barking Barn is one such place that I know of where your companion can be safe and happy. They are dog lovers here who can tell a worried yip from an aggressive snarl, a bark that says hello, to a bark that says get lost… or that I’m sad, I’m hungry, I’m tired, or c’mon let’s play.

The owner of The Barking Barn, Ninad Kelkar is a colleague and a friend of fifteen years. Very easygoing and relaxed with no rigid rules nor any bouts of temper. I’ve always known him like this. So, let’s hear about his venture directly from him.

Almost two decades of my professional life was spent doing sales, marketing and business development for MNCs like Roffe, Beck and Rehau.

I am Dog lover, and since my childhood I’ve had this passion to living close to nature and working in the countryside with a lot of landscape. In my family, we are all nature lovers, doing trekking, camping, bird watching and many outdoorsy activities. So, when we bought the small land where The Barking Barn has now been established, we never thought that we would build a dog boarding hostel there!

My dog Louis fell in love with the place. I always wished that every dog ought to get to enjoy the open space and the idyllic surroundings. The land was perfect not only for camping and barbecues but also to start own pet care and boarding service.

A thought that became stronger when I kept my dog at several dog hostels. Every time it was one bad experience after another… tick-and-flea infestation, stress-and-anxiety, escape behavior, and lack of or no updates at all from the shelter.

You’ll ask, what’s special about The Barking Barn?

Well, firstly, I have tried to bridge the gap as much as possible in comparison to the other shelters. And secondly, I believe that your dog deserves the best, therefore I have personally ensured that @ The Barking Barn there will be spacious play yards, your dog’s health and safety will come first, and you can monitor your own dog.

1. Comfort Living: The Barking Barn (TBB) is situated amidst nature on a hill top, facing Pirangut valley. It covers an area of 10000 square feet out of which just about 2000 sqft used for facility rest and is open for dogs to play. The facility is flanked by trees and green mountains that nestle a serene waterfall in the rains. There’s a small pond for dogs to swim in the hot summer season. Serene surrounding away from the city traffic and for a long dog walk. I am a civil engineer myself so I have the air movement, temperature control aspects covered. The kennels are airy and spacious with Mangalore-tile roof for temperature control and antimicrobial PU coating for hygienic floors. There’s plenty of greenery you’ll love.

2. Health and Safety: TBB has a 9-feet tall fence with secured gate for the safety of dogs. Kennels are secured against reptiles and offer comfort in heavy rains as well as hot summers. Each kennel has a cozy den at the back to give your pet privacy and shade as well as a spacious outer run. No dog is let in without the anti-tick treatment and vaccination. For cleanliness and hygiene reasons, tick treatment is done periodically to entire facility. Meals are all freshly home cooked food.

3. Customer Service: An attendant is available 24x7 for personal attention. I personally make visits for supervision on a daily basis. Pet parents are given regular updates with texts, photos and videos. There’s a pick-and-drop service at the doorstep in AC vehicle. Vet and groomer are available on-call.

Moreover, I am a professional dog-trainer. But also, TBB staff is fully trained for dog handling and dog walking.

And that was how The Barking Barn was born! And, my passion became my profession!!

- Ninad


We do what we love to do. Ninad has transitioned his passion into a 9-5 grind.

If you are a pet parent and looking for pet care services in Pune, or if you have any questions about The Barking Barn, feel free to ask. You can reach him on 9404400185 / 9359905235 or email him on

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