Don’t Miss Out On The Golden Fruit Of The Season.

I started selling mangoes six years ago. After a lot of search I zeroed down on two mango growers one from Devgad and other from Ratnagiri. Though these two places grow Alphonso Mangoes but they have different unique features. Let me tell you the specialty of mangoes that I trade in.

Devgad Mangoes

This variety of mango is very popular not only in India but also abroad. The seed of this mango is small and the skin is very delicate. Our mangoes are grown near the seashore. The soil and the climatic conditions are so conducive that it adds more sweetness to the fruit. It is so sweet that you don't need to add extra sugar while eating. It would interest you to know that these mangoes are grown using organic manure with very minimum use of chemical fertilisers. We use cowdung and urine as manure and for spraying on the fruits instead of pesticides respectively. We ensure that we make use of panchagavya products of Indian cow breed while growing the fruit. This offers the maximum sweetness to the fruit and also it is very easy to digest without causing acidity.

Hey! Do you have a serious addiction to mangoes? Don’t Miss out on the golden fruit of the season. It's deliciousness personified.

The season of this fruit starts from the last week of February and ends somewhere in mid May. The mangoes are available in the pack of 1, 2 4 & 5 dozens. Each mango is checked and handpicked before it is packed by us. I also guarantee the quality of fruit and give free replacement* if found rotten from inside when you buy it from me. The weight of the raw mango (at the time packing) varies from 180 gms to 300 gms.

Ratnagiri Alphonsos

The Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes that I sell are grown in the hilly regions in and around Ratnagiri near Aanjarle.

The Mangoes are planted into the pits on the hills. These Mangoes absorb less water and hence it has more of substance inside. Less water ensures the sweetness of the fruit is intact. Once the fruit is taken off the tree it is ripened naturally using paddy grass. No chemicals are used to speed ripen them. The weight of the mango varies from 180 gms to 350 gms. Each mango is checked and handpicked before we pack it. I will give free replacement* if the fruit is found rotten from inside.

The season of Ratnagiri alphonso starts from the second week of March every year and lasts till the end of May which is the end of summer.


Do you have mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Then you'll be delighted to know some health benefits of eating mango.

Mangoes also support hair health, as they provide a good amount of vitamin A that helps the skin provide an oily substance called sebum, which moisturizes the hair. Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. One cup of sliced mango provides 60.1 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C . This is most of a person’s daily requirement, according to the Dietary Guideliness. Consuming enough vitamin C supports the development and maintenance of collagen. This provides structure to the skin and hair. Mangoes contain beta-carotene. Which means that it can boost the action of the immune system against disease.The fiber, potassium, and vitamin content in mangoes all help keep the arteries working and reduce the risk of heart disease. Increasing potassium and decreasing sodium in the diet are among the most important dietary changes a person can make to reduce their risk of high blood pressure.

Early mangoes of the season are already here.

I usually get mangoes in small lots and against orders. Early mangoes of the season are already here, but they are very expensive. So many of you would like to wait till the mango season is in full swing from after the second week of April every year. The rates are also reasonable at that time.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in buying mangoes from me. You can either all me or whatsapp me on +919850266600 or email me on

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